RE: Foucault and race


Dan, please let me know if you find anything on race relations. Thanks.


>From: Dan Schrage[SMTP:schrage@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
>Sent: Thursday, 4 December 1997 2:05PM
>To: foucault@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Foucault and race
>Hey all,
>I'm currently working on a Foucauldian analysis of racism and race relations
>(focusing on black/white relations), and I'm trying to find all of the places
>where Foucault deals explicitly with the topic of race. I'm
>also looking for other secondary sources that apply Foucault's ideas to the
>topic of race. I've already found many passages in _History_of_Sexuality_
>that discuss this, so any other references or thoughts would be very helpful.

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