Re: heterotopia

alexandr@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi Francisco,
> >does anyone know of any articles that use f's notion of heterotopia,
> >esp. in post-colonial or nationalist contexts? thanks in advance,
> fran
> You can find a discussion of the heterotopia concept in:
> FOUCAULT, Michel. 1994. "Des espaces autres." In _Dits et =E9crits_.
> Paris: Gallimard, pp.752-62.

Francisco, in case you don't read French, this piece was translated as
"In Other Spaces" in DIACRTICS, Vol. 16, pgs. 22-27, 1986. By far the
most signifcant interpretation of Foucault's notion of heterotopis has
bene done by Edward Soja, first in his book POSTMODERN GEOGRAPHIES
(Verso, 1989) and more recently in THIRDSPACE (Blackwell, 1996), in
which there is whole chapter on the subject.

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