Re: undergrad texts

I think that >The Order of Things< is absolutely difficult for
undergraduates and would aggree with Eric Angel who mentioned >Discipline
and Punish< as well as >The History of Sexuality< and of course >The Order
of Discourse< gives some of the important insights into the thinking of
Foucault, not to speak of some of the interviews one of which is published
in >Technologies of the self< (done by Rux Martin)


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> I think that the _Archaeology_ is Foucault's unsuccessful attempt to
> what he was doing. It is vague on some of the most important
> theoretical/methodological issues of his work, e.g. the definition of the
> "statement". He says what it is not, but never exactly what it is.
> _Discipline and Punish_ and _The Order of Things_ are better. Also, for
> undergrads, the elusive but interesting essay "What is Enlightenment?"
> some of the essays contained in the volume _Power/Knowledge_.
> Rob
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> >On Sun, 4 Jan 1998, Clare O'Farrell wrote:
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> >> Eric Angel mentions that it was Discipline and Punish and The History
> >> Sexuality that first got him interested in Foucault. For me it was two
> >> texts - the first 'The Situation of Cuvier in the history of biology'
> >> followed by _The Archaeology_ I thought the Archaeology was a
> >> book - it was certainly the one that got me thoroughly hooked on
> >
> >Speaking of which: a while ago, I read a book (can't remember which;
> >maybe Megill, but I don't think so) which claimed that AK must be
> >read as a parody of Descartes's _Discourse on Method_: that if you read
> >it straight, you just don't get it. Personally, I don't much see the
> >connection (and anyway I'm inclined to agree with Rorty that AK is
> >Foucault's "least successful book"). Comments?
> >
> >Matthew
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