I'm running a seminar series on biopower in general and one of these
sessions is concerned with Foucault's investigations of
'politzeiwissenchaft' (the 'Wohlfahrt' state:
Along with each theme I want to show an appropriate film. I have films
for the sessions on madness, delinquency, medicine, militarism etc., but I
cannot think of one which would best represent the type of state that
Foucault had in mind when he talked about the rise of biopower: the type
of state that attempts not to limit or suppress life, but facilitate it.

Orwell's 1984 is a good example of the former (the boot stamping on a
human face forever), but I'm at a loss to think of a film that represents
the state specifically in its 'positive' role.

any help would be much appreciated!!

Ian R. Douglas
Visiting Scholar,
Brown University


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