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"Anyone's Son Will Do" is part of the Gwynne Dyer series, "War,"
which was produced in 1984 (I believe) and broadcast on PBS. There
is an accompanying book, also by Dyer, with the same title, "War".
This is an excellent series, by the way, although a bit dated
considering it was produced when only the most prescient among us had
a sense of the pending implosion of the Soviet Union and the breakup
of the Warsaw Pact. Jim Dowd

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> > Are there any movies out there that take seriously what people go
> through in
> > Boot Camp? There are some places where conditioning of human beings is
> > well-understood and pursued with enthusiasm.
> This may not be quite what you're looking for (then again, it
> might)...but there is a very good documentary called _Anybody's Son Will
> Do_. The name of the folks who produced it has slipped my mind; i
> believe it dates back to the late 80's though. It is exactly what you
> ask about---a hard look at bootcamp with the U.S. Marine Corps. It may
> be worth a look.
> All the best,
> Luke
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