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At 14:21 03/02/98 +0000, you wrote:
>hi... i've been lurking here for some time now, and, being relatively
>unread in Foucault, i was wondering if anyone else was interested in
>pursuing a close reading of one of Foucaults books here on the list
>-- preferably History of Sexuality, Part I, but i'm open to any
>ideas. I tried this over on the Nietzsche list some time ago with
>the GoM, but it failed after about a week, for a number of reasons.
>Perhaps, if people are interested, we can avoid that here.
>whaddya all think? :)


This sounds like a good idea, and I am keen. However, we tried to read, I
think it was Les mots et les choses some time last year, and it failed on
this list too. Maybe you could kick off this part with whatever you are
thinking in relation to this. I presume that you are refering to part one
of volume one, or are do you mean the whole of volume one?

My two cents worth are simply to do with the translation of the titles of
this book. (1) La volonte de savoir is entirely missing in my translation,
and (2) the title of part one of volume one in the French is "nous autres,
victoriens", while the punctuation that implies a double meaning in missed
in the English "we 'other victorians' ". Over to the rest of you....

Campbell Jones
University of Otago
New Zealand

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