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>hi... i've been lurking here for some time now, and, being relatively
>unread in Foucault, i was wondering if anyone else was interested in
>pursuing a close reading of one of Foucaults books here on the list
>-- preferably History of Sexuality, Part I, but i'm open to any
>ideas. I tried this over on the Nietzsche list some time ago with
>the GoM, but it failed after about a week, for a number of reasons.
>Perhaps, if people are interested, we can avoid that here.
>whaddya all think? :)
>john hartmann

Hi John,

I'm definitely up for a close reading, and I like the idea of starting with
History of Sexuality Part 1 (it's nice and short, apart from any other
consideration). I haven't my copy of the book close to hand, but would
suggest that we divide it up into reading segments of chapters at a time.

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