Yes, Yes, Yes...

I'm game, John Campbell, as I said before. I don't deal so well with
"structure", so I may be in for 1 and out of 3 or 4, but... really, let's
start with page one of this one. I have it. I have... issues with it!
And... I'm game.

---Randall Albright

I mean, his name is so all over the place, and to get a grip on even...
page one through five might be... intriguing.

>I was thinking of the whole of La Volonte de Savoir, but seeing as I
>only have the translated "History of Sexuality, Part I," that would
>have to do. The book does seem to be a rather slim volume, so
>perhaps the entire book, over six weeks or so, would not be too much
>to handle at once. What does the rest of the list think? Is there
>an interest in such an endeavour?
>John Hartmann
>Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, daruber muss man schweigen.
> -- Ludwig Wittgenstein

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