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>But where does Foucault start *his* story? First by saying that "we
>supported a Victorian regime" (connotes 19th century), and then contrasting
>this with the 17th century, where "a certain frankness was still common,
>*it would seem.*"
> ---Randall Albright

Hello all,

let my comment serve as my entrance into this discussion . . .

it seems to me that foucault, in the opening pages, is not declaring that
"we supported a Victorian regime" in contrast to the "certain frankness" of
earlier times. rather that this is the common, accepted view, one that is
misleading. Foucault ennumerates three specific doubts he has of this
"repressive hypothesis." (pg 10 in english trans. Hurley paperback) his
opening remarks are not the position he is asking us to accept, but the one
he is asking us to question!

perhaps i am stating the obvious, and i misunderstood your post, but i just
wanted to make sure those--like me--who are new to foucault have these
points made clear.


Rob Maclean
(330) 287-4418

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