Re: Sources Further Out...

More acid! This illustrates the problem with e-lists - we never really know
who are the good guys. Can anyone please explain to me (perhaps off-list)
why all this acrimonious stuff is being posted?

Colin Holmes

>Tom, We were curious about the extent of Albrightian hogwash we can expect
>on this list. Does this superfluous hornblowing continue for the duration
>of an attempted close reading and discussion, or will the foul winds die
>down at some point?

>What other lists and readings have been infected, I'd be curious to see
>how this virus was taken care of by searching the archives...........

>Earl Messer & Deanna McGaughey

>On Thu, 5 Feb 1998, TOM DILLINGHAM wrote:
>> The Foucault list is getting a characteristic flavor of the inimitable
>> hogwash dished out by Randall Albright. Enjoy, folks, as he works
>> his destructive juju on yet another list.
>> Tom Dillingham

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