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I am another new participant on the list, and I just wanted to respond to
your post on history of sexuality. From my understanding of it, Foucault
is not only talking about how desire is historically determined, but also
how institutions categorize and define sexuality in order to regulate it
and gain and maintain power and control over individuals in society.
To him, rationality is the framework for doing so just as with the penal
system and insanity. I hope this is clear, if I'm off the mark on this,
please let me know!

Rana A.Emerson

Rana A. Emerson
Department of Sociology
Burdine Hall 336
University of Texas at Austin

On Sat, 7 Feb 1998, Edy Sukrisno wrote:

> Hi Mitch,
> Due to my English, it took me more than five minutes to read and understand
> your post.:-) Thanks for the explanation on the distinction between *sex*
> and *sexuality*. Now I got a better picture about their difference. I
> thought that the difference was between *doing* and *talking.* So, if I
> may (over)simplify this business of the history of sexuality: Foucault is
> talking about how cultures historically determines our desire (not
> appetite) for sex. Am I right?
> Regards,
> Edy Sukrisno

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