Re: Moving On (2)




>Ideally, this list represents a public forum which has, imposed upon it,
>particular configurations and valuations which, in many cases, reflect
>institutional mechanisms that are common to universities. That is to say,
>"many of the participants in this discussion" come from colleges and
>universities: disciplines which are imbibed in administrative and
>bureaucratic structures and specific (valorized) intellecutal cultures.
>And, "some of us" do not. "Some of us," as
>particular disciplines stress, organize our readings under the weight of
>social relations through the pleateaus of various "historical" moments,
>eg. through the elaboration of particular geneaologies, in complement with
>a kind of theoretical hegemony, allegiance, what have you and "some of us"
>are not going to approach the text in that way. If connections are made
>through a particular cathected practice indicative of a Barthsian
>"jouissance" rather than vis-a-vis some other practice perhaps folks on
>the list should discuss problems with methodology instead of poking fun
>or, worse, attempting to humiliate a participant off of the list...

>Robert Carley

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