Re: Concerns (cont.)

Is this what Foucault is about? Metaphysical ultimates? We have to
choose which sort of pre-Kantian we want to be? No thanks. Think I will
david wachtfogel wrote:
> (This is a continuation)
> You're either a materialist or an idealist. If you're an idealist, if you
> believe in the existence of extra material realities such as "love",
> "truth", "right", then you do not accept the materialist project, to
> which Marx, Freud, Nietzsche, Deleuze and Foucault belong to.
> So please tell me Randall, tell us all, are you _a believer_, do you
> believe in extra material realities? Are you, to quote Paul Simon,
> "blinded by the light of god and truth and right?" Because if you are,
> you really don't have any business with Foucault. By F's standards you're
> just "wander[ing] through the night with out direction."
> -- David W.

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