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>Questions for information:
>Who directed the film The Prisoner? What year was it made?


The Prisoner is a British TV series from the late 60s - ah! I remember it
well. No doubt my colleague, Mark Welch, would be able to give exact dates,
producers etc etc..

It has become a "cult" programme perhaps because of its combination of
strangeness, whimsey, cynicism, bizarre sets, fractured storylines, and
temporal disruptions - and of course because of Patrick McGoohan's 'cool'
acting style. I know it appealed enormously at the time to university
students and intellectuals.

'The Avengers', another TV series introduced similar elements and had, for
a while, a similar "cult" status, but that involved its fashion statements
and the sexuality of the leading female actor (Diana Rigg etc) as much as
anything else!

The question everyone asked about The Prisoner was "what does it all mean?"
I recall discussing it interms of 'the courage to be', 'the individual in a
totalitarian state', and so on. It is interesting how, with the benefit of
hindsight, we now think we have more meaningful answers. In any case, I
agree with both Mark and Clare ..... Foucault with his postmodern hat on

Colin Holmes

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