RE: HIV, should we accept?

It's also treated in _The Lives of Michel Foucault_. It's been a while
since I've read either books but from what I can remember, Foucault laughed
at the idea of a "gay disease" which is all it was known as at the time when
he died in 84--we knew very little about AIDS and I wouldn't have expected
Foucault to take it seriously. He knew very little except for reports he
heard from people, I doubt it was covered too much in the news. Anyway, the
reports he did hear created an image which he could not take seriously.
When he became sicker and towards the end of his life I believe AIDS
knowledge had increased and he had realized what he had.


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> Um - there is something about it in J Miller's The Passions of Michel
> Foucault -
> he treats it in a rather 'well, even geniuses aren't perfect' ,
> apologetic kinda
> way but you might want to take a look. It (the book) gets slated by
> Halperin in
> Saint Foucault anyway.
> Have you looked at D. Miller's Bringing Out Roland Barthes on a similar
> (although nowhere near as exciting as poor Barthes was a rather boring old
> stick)?
> Good luck,
> Becky
> University of Hong Kong

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