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Sonja wrote:

>I want to know something about the reception of Foucault at his time in
>human sciences. I'm searching for reviews especially of 'les mots et les
>choses' and 'l'archeologie du savoir' . Can someone give me some advice
>where to search (for examples french journals? ) ?
>Thank you in advance for your suggestions
>Sonja Haeffner


If you can get a hold of it, check out David Macey's _The Lives of Michel
Foucault_ , Chapter 7, published inpaperback by Vintage. The book was
reviewed in - inter alia - Le Monde, L'Express but also discussed in Les
Temps Modernes in January 67. The book also contains a bibliography with
full references. Foucault's responses to his various critiques (and
admirers!) can be found in Vol I of _Dits et Ecrits_, Gallimard, Paris.

Hope this helps.

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