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<< Remaining faithful to Foucault's possible interpretation of the examples
you mention, I wouldn't say these examples reveal a "self-imposed
limitation of power" by society. Rather, if this change reveals anything,
it shows a new dispersal of power's relations; a shifting of the power
network. >>

I am new to the list and thought I would jump in on this topic. I am a
practicing psychiatrist and live within this shifting power network. Before
joining this list, I've been suscribing (and still am) tto the Heidegger list
because not only do I fully agree that this is simply another distribution of
power relations (that is, the so-called biological revolution in mental
health) but it one best understood by a Heideggerian analysis.
Briefly, Heidegger long ago named the unifying feature of the 20th
century world "Gestell" which means the technological enframing of reality in
which all things (now including humans in that category) are allowed to
presence (be seen) in only one way, as stock or standing reserve. So all
things are resources serving the will to will of western man.
Does this explain the rapid rise to prominence of technological
(biological) psychiatry? You bet it does. 100% It certainly isn't any kind of
access to truth. Thats why I am bothered by previous postings that sing the
praises of psychopharmacology. If we put our faith there we will all get
exactly what is coming to fruition all around us, drugged, docile bodies.
Anyone want to dialog about this? I'd love to.


Phil S.

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