Re: Are you an Internet groupie?

At 05:46 PM 7/6/98 -0400, you wrote:
>> What is this message doing on a listserv for academic discussion? What is
>> this doing on ANY kind of public forum? Why must we persistently be
>> hounded by blood-sucking assholes everywhere we turn for substance and
>> meaning?
>That's easy: because people want to sell stuff and they try to get their
>customers by running automatic address-gathering programs that use some
>criteria suitable for automatic data-gathering and not in accordance with
>the higher needs of the human soul. But a more difficult question is, why
>did you, who don't have the excuse of being an automaton, have to respond
>to that supposedly irrelevant and offensive message by repeating it in its
>entirety? So that now we have received it not just once but twice?

And 1) why did you feel you had to respond to the whole list
and 2) why did I feel my reponse on your response should go to the whole

IS there somnething of substance here. The discussion list/forum is a whole
new media in which different discourses can be generated. it is very easy
to take power and get ones message across to many people - is there
something of the will to power here. The power is in the message? Or in the
clicking the SEND buton? Can we turn our discussion lists around and look
inside of ourselves.

There is a whole piece of research out there waitng to be done on academic
doscourse and power in email discussion lists....
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