Re: Are you an Internet groupie?

Peter wrote:

> And 1) why did you feel you had to respond to the whole list
> and 2) why did I feel my reponse on your response should go to the whole
> list?

The reason why I responded to the whole list was pedagogical. That is to
say, my goal was not to chastise this one person for the already-done deed
of re-forwarding the marketing message, but to influence the future.
Probably your impulse to respond in public was similarly motivated.

> IS there somnething of substance here. The discussion list/forum is a whole
> new media in which different discourses can be generated. it is very easy
> to take power and get ones message across to many people - is there
> something of the will to power here. The power is in the message? Or in the
> clicking the SEND buton? Can we turn our discussion lists around and look
> inside of ourselves.

Well, the pedagogical impulse can obviously be regarded as a specific
manifestation of the will to power. I don't think locating the power in
the clicking of the SEND button is very promising; the power has to do with
influencing people. Whether or not locating it "in the message" is promising
would, I think, totally depend on what one means by that, and what one does
with it.


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