Re: Dream and existence

Jon asks

>I was wondering where you managed to get a hold of Foucault's Binswanger
>piece - is there an English translation of it anywhere you know of?

I am reading it in French. I read it a few years ago at the Biblitheque
Nationale and this time I am reading it in the excellent collection _Dits
et Ecrits_ vol 1. What a time saver these volumes are especially when I
think of all the effort I went to originally, tracking down Foucault's
pieces in the early 80s!! BTW, I think it is a great pity that the whole 4
volumes are not being translated in their sequential entirety as opposed to
just bits and pieces of them - bits and pieces which mostly seem to have
already appeared elsewhere in English.

Off my soapbox on that topic however. The Binswanger piece is actually
available in English. Here is the reference _ Dream and existence_ /
Michel Foucault and Ludwig Binswanger ; edited by Keith Hoeller. Atlantic
Highlands, N.J : Humanities Press, 1993.


Clare O'Farrell
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