Re: Foucault and Fascism

Other than the texts Clare mentions, the best is the most recent:-

'Il faut defendre la societe', Paris: Gallimard/Seuil, 1997.

You probably know of the discussion in the final chapter of the History of
Sexuality I, and that F's concern with biopolitics develops out of his
thought on racism and fascism.

A useful secondary piece is Alan Milchman & Alan Rosenberg, "MF, Auschwitz &
Modernity", in Philosophy and Social Criticism, Vol 22, No 1, 1996.

Hope this is useful, especially seeing as F was occasionally criticised for
neglecting these issues.

Best wishes


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>Hello everybody,
>was wondering if anyone could help me find any text ( interview, article,
>any... ) by Foucault on fascism.
>many thanks

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