Re: response to "power and chat rooms"

On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, Mitch Wilson wrote:

> >Read the archives. How many women last the distance in lists like this
> >one? three over the last few months, here I think.
> >N. (na.devine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
> Whom are you going to slam next - homosexuals, Asians, Catholics?

*koff* Well, there's a perfect example of one of the most obvious elements
of politics in electronic "socialities": if you don't know someone, read
with the least charity possible.

> And where are the archives, anyway?

I'd've thought that someone who advertises their own webpage in their
posts wouldn't have too much trouble finding them. (See, I'm doing it

> By the way, if anyone is curious, below is the question I initially
> asked which na.devine felt so compelled to not answer.
> "Any suggested readings/authors on power via language-use in the
> performances of genders in chat room socialities would be tremendously
> appreciated."

I dunno, I thought Nesta's answer was pretty much to the point.

Here's another odd thing about e-list politics: when someone asks a
question and no one gives an answer or a straight answer, the asker often
reacts like s/he's being deliberately snubbed--as if someone out there
must know the answer and they're just not giving it up. Well, actually
that fits right in with reading with the least charity possible....


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