Re: Capitalist power is not possessed.

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Alexander Patrick Vasudevan wrote:

> On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, M.A. King wrote:
> > I think that's perceptive--when I first got into Foucault, I began by
> > reading HS1 (not really knowing what was going on), then went back to
> > D&P--and one of the things that immediately struck me was how much D&P
> > seems to be flavoured by Marx, and how that flavour completely drops out
> > between the two books. But I've never seen anyone else comment on that
> > shift, so I kind of wondered if I imagined it.
> >
> > Matthew
> >
> Wouldn't you say that HS1 nonetheless speaks to a certain discourse on
> class mediated by the discursive strategies of biopower?
> It has also been noted that Foucault apparently began HS1 the very same
> day that he finished D&P...It seems hard to believe that a Marxist flavour
> completely drops out between the two books...There is an interesting
> discussion in Ann Laura Stoler's book Race and the Education of Desire
> on HS1 which seems to suggest that HS1 was nevertheless very much about
> class and a bourgeois order of things.
> Alex Vasudevan
> University of British Columbia
Hello I am new on the list, so hopefully you will TOLERATE my mistakes...

Certainly HS1 is very much about class and a bourgeois order of things,
but since the concept of class works as a discursive strategy, it can then
contain a Marxist flavour. At the same time, if it contains a non-Marxist
flavour, it becomes then a strategy of reversing dominant discourses.


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