Re: Butler & Nussbaum & Bad Writing

It is quite true--I was referring obliquely to the self-preening
National Association of Scholars and I would have happily implied
or asserted all the same views, not including the "bad career move"
notion. Unfortunately, if a backlash persists long enough, it may
begin to seem ahead of the game, and at least in some circles, there
is a certain triumphalism about the NAS mindset as they perceive
some skirmishes won. Specifically, of course, access to Power
(not so much Foucault-style, but access to the funding to hire
people into tenure-track positions) may well translate into the
appearance of successful defense of the gates against the
Barbarian Hordes. What is amusing here, of course, is the
twostep hip and hop such people must do, since at the same
time they are celebrating victories (really re-establishments)
they are continuing to whine and howl about the evil influences
of the "tenured radical" who have despoiled the green grass of
the inner courts. Sob.
Tom Dillingham

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