Re: sexual ethics

Dear Sam,

You are clearly a fount of much knowledge in this area! Do you remember you
said I might see your paper? I'm not sure if you said you'd already given
the paper or were about to. Either way, I would love to see it if/when it's
ready. I'm not sure (being technically ignorant) if you would want to do
this by snail mail or send it electronically to me, or the whole group, or
what. I'd be more than happy to pay for international postage if you think
that would be the best way to send it.

I can't begin to tell everyone how grateful I am for all the help - it's
saving me a lot of frustrating search-time (much better spent reading). I
hope other people are finding it interesting/useful too. When I have a
picture of exactly want (ie when I've done some of this reading) I want to
do I'd like to run some of the ideas past the group.


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Date: 21 February 1999 17:33
Subject: Re: sexual ethics

>I'd like to add my two cents to the recent postings on Foucault and
>therapeutic ethics.
>In my treatment of this issue, sexuality is not specifically the topic.
>Instead I have focused more broadly on the therapeutic governing of the
>self as a problem for consumer culture, which brings up self-help and so
>One paper I recommend above all (for those doing a more american history
>approach) is jackson lears essay on therapeutic consumerism (low down on
>this post). It's fantastic, as is his "no place of grace". A guy who is
>probably completely indifferent (even hostile) to Foucault, but quite
>close to foucauldian concerns.
>Much of this is in chaos, owing to various cut and past formatting
>problems, but it may prove as usefult to others as recent posts have
>proven to me.
>sam binkley

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