Re: sexual ethics

Dear Sam,

Have you already sent it, or has it slipped your mind?? It may be lost in
the ether somewhere, as it hasn't arrived yet. Maybe I'm just being
impatient! It's the anticipation, you know.


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Date: 21 February 1999 22:43
Subject: Re: sexual ethics

rebecca et al:

when the foucault list works, it really works. I've saved many of these
posts, and it will help me get through a dissertation, once I finally get it
all underway. ( I sent my paper to rebecca, and I'll share it with anyone
interested, but if you want to get the REAL thing, you have to check out the
"Another Foucault" panel at the eastern sociological society meeting in
March 4th. this panel will include the works of myself and other foucault
scholars, some of whom are participants on this list? plug plug plug!)

I look forward.


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