Re: archaeology was Bad Writing?

Clare O'Farrell writes

"I think Raymond Roussel would have to be Foucault's least read book
(with good reason I might add)!!"

It's interesting. We each have our personal favorites (and least favorites)
in everything. Death and the Labyrinth: The World of Raymond Roussel was
highly recommended to me by my dissertation director ten years when I was also
reading Archaeology. He had studied with Dreyfus at Berkeley (and some with
Foucault during his last visit to California). He remarked that I would find
Death and the Labyrinth helpful as an example of the sort of poststructuralist
semiology (for lack of a better term) that Foucault was proposing in
Archaeology. I liked it and, I believe, saw what was going on. Maybe it
helped that my director was walking me through both. Maybe I was influenced
tremendously by his opinion. (I will of course vehemently deny both
accusations to my biographer.)

Just curious, Clare (and others on the list): What is your feeling about the
Roussel book?


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