Re: sexual ethics


As you might have figured out upon a closer reading, the "cryptic" F.T.
refers to Rieff's book Fellow Teachers, which came out, I think, around
1973. "The Closing of Allan Bloom's Mind" is "The Closing of the
American Mind," in case you didn't get what I see now to have been a
decidely limp joke (although one paralleled in the Straussian
anti-contextualist pose). Sorry about any confusion my split-second
decision to abbreviate a book title mentioned in the previous sentence
may have caused.


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>> he constantly cites also
>> Phillip Rieff, who wrote Triumph of the Therapeutic: Uses of Faith
>> Freud and Fellow Teachers, a forerunner of Allan Bloom's infamous
>> "The Closing of Allan Bloom's Mind" (a little joke), roundly
>> F.T. in his last book Revolt of the Elites while wheezing in a
>> that Closing "deserves more attention than it has gotten from the
>> academic left."
>The cryptic 'F.T.' helped make this passage sooo comprehensible!

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