Re: Schools and Foucault

There is one that is out-=20
Sruggling for the soul, a critical ethnographic study that looks at the =
construction of the 'urbanness' and 'ruralness' of the child as the =
construction of the 'other' through the historical amalgamation of =
discourses about the child and knowledge; and one that is edited, with =
Lynn Fendler, Critical studies in education, (Routledge)that will be out =
in March or April.
As for your debating questions, you might read through the journal, =
Economy and Society as there are a lot of very good articles there.=20

<<< Ben Durham <ddiggler@xxxxxxxxx> 2/25 6:30p >>>
When will your new book be coming out? I read somewhere that it will be =
out in May. What is it about? I like Foucault's Challenge so far, its a =
good book. I am reading all this
literature because I am a high school debater and next years topic calls =
for the federal govt to increase academic achievement in secondary schools =
in the US. We will argue a disciplinary
power position- that the statis quo schotsl systems only reaffirm the =
top-down power hierarchy that exists now, and that in reality power is =
ubiquitous (Sheridan). This is bad because it
doesnt assume revolts or backlashes and the fact that power relationships =
are somewhat unpredictable. Do you have any suggestions?


Tom Popkewitz wrote:

> there is ian hunter's rethinking schools, and stephen ball's foucault =
and education.
> >>> Ben Durham <ddiggler@xxxxxxxxx> 02/24/99 06:40PM >>>
> While we talk about Foucualt and prisons, I was curious if Foucault =
personally has done any writing critiqueing the education system. I know =
he makes references to it in Discipline and
> Punish, but is there a specific piece of literature focused on the =
Education system. If not, does anyone know of any authors who apply =
Foucualt philosophies to a critiqueing of the
> education system. I ordered two recent books by Thomas Popkewitz, but i =
am looking for more reading. Thanks in advance.
> Ben D.
> Georgetown High School

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