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Some members of the 'foucault' list suggested
I should occasionally post info on what's new
at the website
...So here it is:

These things were added in February:

* New article: Things are Queer by Jonathan Weinberg.
* New article: Why Queer Theory? by Mimi Nguyen.
* New illustrated page on the gay Teletubbies controversy!
* Many new book reviews -- now 20 books in the Foucault /
queer theory section.
* The virtual tour (ahem) of "Foucault's Paris" is launched.
Extra pictures and information subsequently added.
[Clare O'Farrell was very helpful with this].
* New essay on Foucault by Steven Green.
* New bookshop!
* New essay on media effects by Tom Gormley.
* Extra questions added to the popular interactive quiz.
* New essay on Mulan by Mimi Nguyen.

March 1st (Monday) sees the launch of a new page on gender
and sexuality in Japanese Anime; and March will bring
many more additions.

It would be lovely if you would say hello to the site and
I would also appreciate it very much if you would pass the
site's URL (or this message) on to students / friends /
other e-mail lists that might be interested.

Thanks & best wishes

David Gauntlett
Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds, UK

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