R: foucault and film


I heard tonight, most unfortunately, that Foucault is cited in the
Hanks-Ryan film, "You've Got Mail."

-- John
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Data: Thursday, February 25, 1999 9:23 PM
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>At 20:30 22/02/99 PST, you wrote:
>>Does anyone out there know of any films which refer to Foucault or to
>>his work in any way? The only one I know is Godard's _Les chinoises_
>>where Godard basically pours scorn on _The Order of Things_
>You may have heard about an Australian film called "Ghosts of the Civil
>Dead" (John Hillcoat, 1988). It is a critique of private prisons, panoptic
>surveilance, and disciplinary society in general. One of the characters
>reads extensively from "DP" and Professor Simon During ("Foucault and
>Literature") is cited in the credits as the film's 'Foucault Expert'.

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