Re: foucault and film

I think we should nominate one person in the group to go and watch the film
so the rest of us don't have to!
More seriously, anyone in the region of Sam's upcoming conference GO AND SEE
IT. His paper is very interesting, and raises a lot of important, and
relatively neglected, areas of social theory. There is, of course, more
than one Foucault, and this conference seems to be focusing on what I think
is some of his most interesting work. I can't understand why there has been
so little attention paid to it (in comparison to his other work, at any
You lucky people, having the chance to go!

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>Foucault mentioned in "you've got mail": Oh god.
>can anyone give me the context.
>Clare O'Farrell wrote:
>> John says
>> >
>> >I heard tonight, most unfortunately, that Foucault is cited in the
>> >Hanks-Ryan film, "You've Got Mail."
>> I'm sorry to hear this - this means I have to watch the film which I was
>> congratulating myself on avoiding thus far!
>> Clare
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