Re: The Humanist/Cartesian/Modern Subject

But of course, Derrida's critique makes no sense to the English reader
unless they read Histoire de la folie in the French original. The passage
Derrida critiques does not appear in the English translation Madness and
Civilisation. Foucault responds in the second appendix to the 1972 edition,
which I think appears in translation in the 'Essential Works' Vol II.

Philip Barker, Subversions of the Subject, Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1994 might
be helpful on the more general point.



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>The BIG debate around the cogito, the break that precipitated the *falling
>out* between Foucault and Derrida, occurred around Madness and
>Civilisation, which Derrida responded to with the essay: Cogito and the
>History of Madness, which can be found in *Writing and Difference* by

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