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</center>According to The Ottawa Sunday Sun, Feb. 21, 99, The Islamic
Republic of Iran(IRI) has purchased a two acres property in Sandy Hill
site in Ottawa for $1.6 and is supposed to spend $136000 on renovating
it. The Islamic regime bought this property in the name of Fatima
Cultural Activities Inc. It also reads that "The sale was cleared by the
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade(Canada) because the
deal involved the Iranian government." The Islamic officials in the
Iranian embassy in Ottawa named the center "The House of Culture" which
is supposedly to "be used as a social gathering place and educational
facility for Iranians who may be feeling homesick."

There was a demonstration against this deal in Ottawa by a group of
Iranians in Ottawa, who feel that "Cultural Centers that the Iranian
regime establishes around the world, are meant for espionage against
Iranian dissidents and wherever they are set up, they threaten the
security of Iranian dissidents in that city." There is an increasing
assertion of concern by the Iranian diaspora in Canada when they are
informed of the matter.

We, the undersigned groups, think that what is being established here in
Canada in the name of culture and Iranian community is the outright
foundation of an officially backed center for assassinations and spying
plots by the Islamic Republic of Iran against its opponents. Given what
the widespread exposition of the Islamic regime&rsquo;s terrorist
activities in Europe, it is obvious that the regime is attempting to
locate its headquarters of terrorism in Canada to act not only in Canada
or North America, but across the world. The terrorist activities of the
Islamic Republic of Iran against its dissidents abroad are well
documented: even the supreme court in Germany convicted the leaders of
the regime for assassination of dissidents; and so far over 150 members
of various opposition groups, from left to right, have been brutally
assassinated by the Islamic agents in supposedly Western "safe countries"
and the number is mulltiplied if we add up the people murdered in
countries such as Turkey and Iraq by the IRI.

Cultural activities are mere pretext to get established within Iranian
community, whose members despise the regime for its two decades of
repression, execution, torture, stoning and brutality. At the very time
when the regime is murdering artists, writers and cultural activists
within Iran it is nothing less than farce for Iranian diaspora when they
heard that the regime is spending two millions dollar for the sake of
culture and their being homesick. And this terrorist center is being
constructed by the permission of Canadian government whereas it knows and
the Canadian National newspapers like Globe and Mail and National Post
documented in December 98 that the Islamic regime has already sent its
well-trained death agents to Canada, one of whom is in Toronto jail at
this moment. The Iranian political opponents, immigrant and refugees fled
to Canada for a safe haven and it is their rights to live a life free
from the fear of being spied or getting assassinated by the agents of the
very country they escaped from. We thus warn the Canadian government that
the penetration of the agents of the IRI will mean loss of security and
lives, and if that takes place we will hold the Canadian government

We Call on all progressive people and organizations, all those who long
for freedom, to condemn the Canadian government and to call for shutting
down the "House of Culture" as a place of terrorist activities and plots
by the Islamic Republic of Iran against its opponents.

March 1, 1999


The International Federation of Iranian Refugees in Canada

The Campaign To Defend Women&rsquo;s Rights in Iran-Canada Branch





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