Re: Strong Poets


Prado ( "Starting with Foucault: An Introduction to Genealogy",
1995) used the term "strong poet" from Harold Blooms work -(The
anxiety of influence: A theory of poetry) to describe Foucault's
influence. Harold Bloom might not agree with this appropriation
given his criticism of Foucault along with Marx and feminists
writers for the politicizing of literary study "Resentful historicists of
several persuasions - stemming from Marx,Foucault, and political
feminism- now study literature essentially as peripheral social
history." (Bloom, p. xxv, 1997 ed). Prado also cites Rorty's
discussion about strong poets.


> Hello all:
> Some time ago I remember reading an author who referred to
> Focault (among others) as a "strong poet". At the time, it
> had little connection to my work and so I made no effort
> to remember the author or the text in which the term
> appeared. Does this ring a bell to anyone out there?
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Reagrds,
> dan

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