Re: Strong Poets

I am definitely going to follow your lead. I went
to the library yesterday to get CIS and Prado's
book. Both were out on loan. I've recalled them and
hope to have them soon. I'll definitely let you know
what I come up with. Perhaps when the time comes, we can
share ideas.

To give you sense of what I'm doing, I'm attempting
to cobble together a critical framework (a mode of "postmodern"
oppositional/transformative praxis, if you will) that tactically
employs Foucault, Butler, de Certeau, Bakhtin, and Guattari's work
in _Chaosmosis: An Ethico-Aesthetic Paradigm_. In effect,
I am - quite clumsily - trying to articulate a tactical/dialogical/
genealogical/performative nomadology.

Oh well, enough of that. How might you be looking at the notion of
strong poets?


>If you're going to chase this up I would be interested in knowing if this
>was the right track and any ideas you may have on the connection
>foucault-strong poet, its an interesting line which I have been meaning to
>return to.

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