R: request help in tracking a reference

I don't have my Foucault books with me in Italy but the quotation below
sounds like something that might have been said in the debate/conversation
either with Chomsky or with the Maoist students, the one that is reproduced
near the beginning of Power/Knowledge. Wish I could be of more assistance.

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Data: Thursday, March 11, 1999 10:01 AM
Oggetto: request help in tracking a reference

> does anyone recognise this quotation of Foucault? I cannot for the life
>of me remember where its from, and I lost the exact reference in a mountain
>of papers. Any help _much_ appreciated.
>"It seems to me that the idea of justice in itself is an idea which in
>effect has been invented and put to work in different types of societies as
>an instrument of a certain political and economic power or as a weapon
>against that power .. One can't .. put these notions forward to justify a
>fight which should .. overthrow the very fundaments of our society." --
>Michel Foucault
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