Re: Power In Eduation & Foucault

I did not make any allusions about
the holocaust or Auschwitz.

I certainly don't claim that any high school adminstrators
are omnipotent, nor that all teenagers are docile creatures.
And, i don't think i made those claims previously. i described how a
system of power relations works ( & does not work) in the schools.
I think my claims were misinterpreted and/or ignored and
I'd still appreciate answers to my questions.

I am especially interested in the systemic set-up
(the "discursive practices") that regiment, "weed & track"
and otherwise quantify and objectify students--much like, i still
insist, the culture of the prison.

henry sholar

By the way, my wife and her brothers grew
up in Brooklyn. Mostly Clinton Hill, but
near Crown Heights for awhile.
What school are you teaching in?



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