As far as I know, he shaved his head shortly after the publication of The
Order of Things (late 60s.). I read somewhere that this was part of
Foucault's attempt to make some definite changes/transformation in his life
(personal and intellectual).


dent@xxxxxxxxx writes:
> just a very random question. Does anyone know if foucault's shaved head
> toward the end of his life was the result of chemotherapy (given that some
> thought AIDS was a cancer) or something he just did? I saw photos from the
> 60s in which he had a full set of hair.
> loren
> "If at the base there has not been the work of thought...we know that
> [reform] will be swamped, digested by modes of behavior and institutions
> that will always be the same."
> -Michel Foucault, _Liberation_ interview, May 1981
> "[H]umanism...presents a certain form of our ethics as a universal model for
> any kind of freedom...[T]here are more secrets, more possible freedoms, and
> more inventions in our future than we can imagine in humanism as it is
> dogmatically represented on every side of the political reainbow: the Left,
> the Center, the Right."

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