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I have the Penguin edition, which gives the following information:-

This translation first published by Allen Lane 1977
Published in Peregrine Books 1979
Reprinted in Penguin Books 1991

The translator is down as Alan Sheridan (he was Sheridan-Smith earlier, not
later I think).

There was an American Vintage Books edition in 1979 as well I think.

But you're right about the French edition. Sheridan makes some important
slips in his translation.

Hope this is helpful, though I realise it is not complete.

Best wishes


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Date: Friday, March 26, 1999 12:31
Subject: Discipline and Punish

>Dear fellow erudites
>I am editing a book and every pesky author seems to have quoted a different
>English edition of Discipline and Punish. (Why didn't they just stick to
>the French ? :-) :-)) Can anybody help me out by confirming dates etc?
>When was the Penguin edition first published? Was it 1979?
>What about the Peregrine edition? The Pantheon and Tavistock editions were
>1977 I think. Is Alan Sheridan listed as Sheridan or Sheridan-Smith for
>this translation? (I think he was still Sheridan at that stage) Your help
>would be much appreciated.
>Clare O'Farrell
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