Foucauldian Activism

Oops: Didn't know that would screw up the system. Thanks for your welcoming
comments which put a newcomer at ease. The reference to Hegel is from
Violence and Metaphysics, and Hegel is employed, admired, and by turns cast
as very conventional. I don't know much Hegel, but it scares me to think
that your taking me as coming from a strong Hegelian perspective. Your
disagreements are not taken as bad criticism and I appreciate your remarks of
encouragement. I worry over the equation of "heart melting" with
"romanticism". I was thinking this from a more Gandhian perspective, which is
far from the "hear melting" (again, read : bleeding) of Romanticism. I have
a somewhat post nietzchean/post romantic perspective concerning romanticism,
the romantic. Gandhian nonviolence was able to liberate india from Great
Brittain to the tune of about 8,000 lives. Estimates of mortality rates were
it a violent resistance are around 3,000,000. That's not romanticism, in my

A certain cautionary tone to your message is appreciated. I don't know why
the passive voice is being used in this message.

With fatigue, as it is past my bed time,


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