Re: Responsibility, Levinas, Derrida

A while back i read a number of critiques of Levinasian ethics. They mainly
centered around his ambivalence towards the Palestinians and the state of

Anyway, heres some references:

Simon Critchley "the ethics of deconstruction: Derrida and Levinas" (Oxford:
Blackwell, 1992)

Jim George "Realist ethics, international relations and post-modernism" In
Millenium: journal of international studies. (1995) 24:2 pp 195 - 223.

Hope that helps,


>I'm looking for a criticism of Levinasian ethics, and what Derrida seems to
>align (bad word, I know) himself with in some regards--that is--an infinite
>responsibility toward the other. Are there any criticisms that argue how
>even infinite responsibility risks redeployment? that it still assumes a
>certain fullfillment of responsibility, which, when frustrated, can
>articulate into violence?
>"Where you see ideal things I see human, all too human. Alas, I know man
> --Nietzsche

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