Can two men make a baby?

given the current thread on whether Foucault is either a normative or a
transcendental homosexual/gay/queer, this may be appropriate....

Can two men make a baby?
Researchers say it's possible, but lawmakers must pave the way.

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By Theresa Pinto Sherer

Jan. 31, 2001 | It has been close to four years since the replication of Dolly
the sheep -- not a very long time considering the lumbering progress of
science. Still, cloning now seems like an old, tired subject that pops up
periodically in the media, a run-of-the-mill hot-button topic that has become
part of the American glossary of debatable issues, like gay rights or

Not coincidentally, each of these issues is inherently tied to the other: All
involve life choices that revolve around sex, our national obsession. Of
course, humanity's preoccupation with sex is just a cloak for its true
obsession with reproduction or, more precisely, immortality.

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