audio foucalt

Hey boys and girls
before I destroyed my last computer on while moving , I had down loaded a
n audio file of foucualt speaking at berkeley with Martin J. I forget
where I down loaded the file from but some one this list had a link. Does
anyone know about it.
It is about one hour long, and I think a very interesting audio sample
because it in my opinion reveals foucalts art of discussing. Most
Professors don't have a bad habit of talking through other people, not
listening to what others say and being interested in their concerns, but I
was delighted and surprised to hear foucault, asking those in the audience
questions about their own understanding of his work. I think that the
audio file might be used as an example of foucaults own ethics of

At one point in the interview a grad student, says to foucault, you never
stopped doing archaeology did you? and Foucault answers "No". But if anyone
had read Rabinau and Deyfus"s book, one of the central points is Foucaults
turn away form he archaeological method used in the order of things. I am
unable to think beyond the archaeology put forward in the order of things.
And it has dominated by thought since 98, or so. I am curious as well if
others on the list are of the same school, or what kind for method to they
use to approach the world. Some say there is the genological method,
which is claims that there are always power-structures in the naming and
narrating of the past,but I still don't understand why that is different
than archaeology. Deconstruction, etc.


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