WriTiN' In Yer unDER ---WeaR

Since Jarry I have always written in your underwear. Especially seeing that
I am big bad Westerner who has been arguing for the Palestinians for months.
SOmetimes against grueling odds. Write on therun as Frank O'Hara once said.
As Foucault said while going off to archive land. And being such an Irish
post-coloniale it proves I am so visionary. Pray tell who sent all the
information about that situation in the Middle Eastern occupied territoires
except me and at my expense of time and energy with no regrets. But we
wearyof the self-righteous call of the the so-called Non-Western as thee dub
thyself. Resentment is the Number one enemy against all beings as such.

I kIss you and LoVe yOu. PeaCe and LoVee and Potatoes Get it!

But not the self-righteous SSSvPlait

Beauty has no other origin than the singular wound, different in every case,
hidden or visible, which each man bears within himself, which he preserves,
and into which he withdraws when he wants to leave the world for a temporary
but authentic solitude....[A]rt seems to me determined to discover this
secret wound in each being and even in each thing....Jean Genet
My wound existed before me, I was born to embody it.
Joe Bousquet

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