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Why are you renouncing macropolitics? Look I have a lot of issues with
Rorty's politics, but I don't understand what your problem is with his
politics (in the sense of macro-politics). He leaves ample room for people
to engage in local political acts.


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> I think there are political implications in foucaults attack on both
> expert, common sense and specialized notions of science and history. if
> our
> mass
> consciousness, which could be termed modern configuration of knowledge
> just as well, is not perswauded or unquestioning influenced by the power
> of modern knowledge, we are indeed occupieing a space in which one can
> think differently. And thinking differently is political, in as much as
> all habit and action are motivated by our attitudes and perceptions of
> reality. Macro politics, what is that? it sounds like real politics, not
> the hair brain ideas of a few dreamers- but the cold hard reality
> of the " mass individual" in mordern society.
> And if we are going to limit ourselves to societies reality we have
> already are we not already lost. Is there any future in Macro politics?
> If there is anything to be gotten from foucault it is in part that we
> don't have to confine our experience with in the limits of Macro politics
> with out at the same time falling into idealism.
> jeremiah

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