Re: Foucault and pragmatism, q&a

"How "should" one resist "oppressive knowledge" and power?"
Well my understanding is not that opressive knowledge comes from somewhere
elese but is very much apart of social construction, it already there in
the western tradition, and in our identity formation. The wests telos as
totalitarian night-mare, and no I am not talking about russia, seems to
be resisted by foucaults hatred of modern scienific man, or the creature
understand to be modern man. Foucualt transgresses the limits of knowledge
by questioning "positivity" in all it's modern and enlightenment forms.

the whole thing is, that foucault works and thought is very much in the
tradition of critical theory, and tries not to be "modernist" in the
that it avoids implacing "resistence" "oppressive" dualities in
attempting to understand the world


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> >If one is to apply Foucault, oppressive
> >knowledge and the power it wields upon the body, if oppressive, should be
> >resisted.
> How "should" one resist "oppressive knowledge" and power?
> >What I've got to say that I think is
> >somewhat new is that this may not lead to nihilism, as his critics complain,
> >because there will always be more order to resist.
> Indeed!
> >There will always be
> >discursive power and normalization.
> Indeed!

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