Re: Foucault and pragmatism, q&a

Thank you Paul for that much needed intervention. I agree that capitalism
&quot;has the resources for criticizing itself from within,&quot; and in
fact I think that capitalism's seemingly endless capacity to generate and
contain its own critiques is also crucial to capitalism's continued
'success'? I think a questioning of the oppositional logic upsets the
inside/outside so that we don't have to submit difference to opposition.
But here is where I always get stuck because proliferation (as opposed to
opposition) is uncomfortably close to the workings of capitalism
At 12:44 AM 5/2/01 -0700, you wrote: <br>
<blockquote type=3Dcite cite>The claim that heterosexuality is a social
construction and that it is involved in a certain structure of power does
not itself imply the OPPOSITE:=A0 that we should all become homosexuals.=A0
In fact, a careful reading of Foucault will reveal that homosexuality is
no less a construction of the nineteenth century episteme.=A0 We must
always hold in mind that the negation or criticism of a position does not
imply that one should adopt the contrary position.=A0 To do so would be to
be no less defined by the structure of power in question.=A0 This is a
common mistake made where criticism is concerned.=A0 For instance, one
often assumes that any criticism made against capitalism entails that one
is automatically a supporter of socialism.=A0 This happens all the more
often now that the soviet union has fallen.=A0 Yet is it not possible that
capitalism has the resources for criticizing itself from within, without
yet entailing the opposite position?=A0 Oppositional thinking seems to
indicate a rather slavish turn of mind. <br>
Paul <br>
=A0 <b><i>Larry Chappell &lt;larchap@xxxxxxxxxxx&gt;</b></i> wrote:
<dd>The idea that treating &quot;heterosexuality&quot; as a social
construction (i.e.,
<dd>calling it what it is) will stop people from breeding is a jaw
<dd>claim. Not all societies generate identities out of 19th century
<dd>psychological categories, but they all seem to figure out how to

<dd>Vunch. Do you have a citation for Taylor criticizing Foucault as an
<dd>of universal homosexuality? I spent a summer at an Institute where
<dd>did a series of talks. I have also read a lot of his stuff. I do not
<dd>any arguments quite this bizarre coming from him. Indeed, he is
<dd>quite careful.<br>

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<dd>&gt; &gt; Besides, Vunch, is Foucault REALLY saying we should all be
gay? Is he
<dd>&gt; &gt; saying that heterosexuality should disappear?
<dd>&gt; &gt;
<dd>&gt; &gt; Of course not.
<dd>&gt; Unfortunately, he IS saying that it should, that it is merely a
<dd>&gt; construction!!
<dd>&gt; Vunch
<dd>e <br>

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