Re: Foucault and pragmatism, q&a

-- I did quite a bit of reading and work with Taylor some years back. I
cannot imagine even inthe wildest imagining that CT wld. say anything
supporting an exclusive homosexual doctrine. For one he is Roman Catholic
and that would not exactly allow to ... even shall we say think about these
ideas insuch terms. also the very idea of exclusive homsexuality is stupid
and not worthy of Foucault or Deleuze and Guattari.

I was just wondering if Charles Taylor really produced such a bad argument.

Beauty has no other origin than the singular wound, different in every case,
hidden or visible, which each man bears within himself, which he preserves,
and into which he withdraws when he wants to leave the world for a temporary
but authentic solitude....[A]rt seems to me determined to discover this
secret wound in each being and even in each thing....Jean Genet
My wound existed before me, I was born to embody it.
Joe Bousquet

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