Re: Unthinkable in Literature

>Saints are created from fictional accounts of Writers who >expeienced some
>kind of martydom for their faith. Faith leads to >attempts to convert
>others. Instead I suggest (all too hastily I >regret) let writing target
>errors, write about
>writing that unloosens the fabricated knowledge inherited from the past.

Not that it's necessarily contradicts what you suggest, but I'm wondering if
you're familiar with the novel by Herve Guibert, "A l'ami qui ne m'a pas
sauve la vie" (To the friend who didn't save my life) which is in large part
a hagiography of Foucault, implying him as a quasi-religious icon, even
while (or precisely because) Guibert reveals aspects of Foucault's life that
he tried to hide from the public while he was living -- that he had AIDS,
that he frequented S&M clubs, etc. (to some extent, even the fact that he
was gay). In my reading this attack/veneration of Foucault does exactly
what you suggest --
It's sort of interesting, in any case.

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